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King Aerospace USCG Contract Ramps Up


DALLAS, TX – The five-year contract awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) in 2017 to King Aerospace Commercial Corporation (KACC) has begun to gear up. The contract for USCG HC-144 and HC-27J aircraft paint services was to have covered nine aircraft a year. To date, KACC has completed its sixth aircraft.

“Things are picking up now and we’re on track to complete seven planes a year,” says Wayne Jamroz, KACC general manager. “We take great pride in delivering high-quality work and doing our part to advance this vital, mission-critical Coast Guard program.”

The HC-144 and HC-27J comprise the Coast Guard’s medium-range surveillance fleet. Both require a programmed depot maintenance inspection every four years. It includes a required external paint. The aircraft completed under King Aerospace’s contract have been enthusiastically received says Randy Johnson, director of corporate aircraft services.

“The Coast Guard loves our quality,” says Johnson. “We’re repeatedly told that when someone sees the completed aircraft, they hear, “Wow. Who painted that?”

Helping Fulfill the Coast Guard’s Maritime Mission
The USCG acquired 14 HC-27J Spartan aircraft with plans to commission them by 2022. The HC-27J is a variant of the C-27J Spartan tactical transport aircraft manufactured by Italian-based Alenia Aermacchi. Its varied USCG missions will include maritime patrol, surveillance, search-and-rescue, drug and migrant interdiction, and disaster response. It will also help detect, classify and identify maritime targets. Sixteen large cockpit windows and bubble windows in the fuselage increase visibility. Large doors on both sides of the cargo compartment and rear section accommodate paratroop drops.

The USCG also operates 18 modified, Airbus Military-manufactured, HC-144 maritime-patrol aircraft. This fixed-wing, turboprop features a sophisticated rear ramp that allows crews to quickly reconfigure the aircraft for such varied operations and medical evacuation, passenger transport or command and control. The aircraft is especially effective at locating objects in large search areas and directing other military, government and first responders to the sites.

About King Aerospace
King Aerospace Commercial Corporation (KACC) is a leading one-stop provider of aircraft services with offices and facilities in Dallas, TX, and Ardmore, OK. KACC is a GE OnPoint™ service center. It specializes in aircraft maintenance, avionics design/installation, engineering services, paint, completions and interior design/refurbishment. KACC is an authorized FAA and EASA Repair Station and is AS9110-certified. It also provides aircraft project management, offsite maintenance and other aircraft-related management services. Its sister company, King Aerospace, Inc. (KAI), is a global operation that serves the U.S. military and government to deliver responsive aircraft maintenance and logistics support in some of the world’s most hostile, remote and harsh locations. KAI operates facilities in El Paso, TX; Camp Humphreys, Korea; and 24/7 logistics outposts around the world. In 2018, King Aerospace celebrated its 25th-anniversary as a privately owned company focused on customer and team member satisfaction.

*CFM56 is a trademark of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.

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