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The flight data recorder, often referred to as the “black box,” can generally be defined as a sealed recording instrument installed in every aircraft that makes a continuous record of flight altitude, airspeed, heading, accelerations, voices and noises heard in the cockpit. These units are installed in fireproof housings and are mounted in the tails of aircraft and retrieved upon a crash to study the data recorded...
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Have you ever lost hope in your life and wondered what your purpose was, even if just for a moment? There have been times in my life when I dealt with this. Sometimes I question myself for a few seconds and other times for a more extended time. When I was a young pilot, my instructor (who was my friend) and I would get excited when there were severe thunderstorms in the area. We would take a light twin engine Piper and head toward the storms. We experienced all sorts of rough rides and thought we were invincible. Then one day we went through the anvil of a storm that gave us the ride of a lifetime. The two engines on the Piper had no impact on the down drafts of the storm.  The flight controls were hardly responsive. By the grace of God we were able to control the aircraft as we were pushed toward the ground and we landed at the nearest airport. As we waited for someone to arrive and drive us back to Dallas, we wondered if we would ever get into another aircraft. During that flight there were moments that we had lost all hope of controlling our destiny and we damn sure lost our purpose and passion to fly for a living!

Life in many ways is like that storm. However, most of the storms in our lives are not sought out by us. Storms show up and we must deal with them. When we lose our sense of hope or our purpose, we are in a storm. Our storms consist of problems with relationships, health, loss of loved ones, finances and countless other aspects of life. When you encounter your storms, remind yourself that there will once again be brighter days.

An old timer once said, “There’s never been a storm that will not eventually pass.” This thought has helped me on many occasions sort through my feelings of loss, of hope or lack of purpose. When I experience these questioning moments, I normally go and help someone who is in need. Little do they know that they are actually helping me! In my opinion, without my faith, hope and purpose I don’t think I would even still be around! If you ever lose your hope or purpose, call me and know we’ll talk.

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.

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