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The flight data recorder, often referred to as the “black box,” can generally be defined as a sealed recording instrument installed in every aircraft that makes a continuous record of flight altitude, airspeed, heading, accelerations, voices and noises heard in the cockpit. These units are installed in fireproof housings and are mounted in the tails of aircraft and retrieved upon a crash to study the data recorded...
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I don’t know about you, but I feel awful! It seems that every day, when I watch the evening news while eating dinner, I see devastation created as a result of the recent hurricanes and flooding.

This has impacted me from afar to the extent that it caused me to feel sick to my stomach, put down my fork and stop eating. I just sat there, feeling lifeless and guilty. It didn’t seem fair that so many people had to suffer and there was nothing that anyone could do to reverse the situation when my basic needs were being met. My mind began running crazy thinking about all of the other horrible acts of nature that so many people have experienced over the years all over the world. Things that I have not had to deal with such as mud slides, sink holes, tornadoes, wildfires and all sorts of other natural disasters. I hurt for those who hurt, but how I feel does not matter and does not make things less painful for others.I always try to figure out the positive in all situations.

Sometimes I am hard pressed to find the positive, even though it usually exists. The heartfelt reports shared each night on the news by people dealing with the challenges and the countless random acts of kindness by total strangers helped remind me of what is really important. More than ever before, I will think twice before I complain about the trivial things in my life that don’t seem to be going as I want. My prayers continue for those dealing with nature’s challenges and those who have been inspired by the challenges. May we focus on hope and faith for the future. God Bless.

Written by KING AEROSPACE Founder, Jerry Allan King-Echevarria.

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