About Us - King Aerospace
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About Us

As a privately owned company, KING AEROSPACE Commercial Corporation gives you the personalized service that you deserve. Through our wide variety of offerings, including paint, avionics, interior refurbishments, and maintenance, KACC strives to consistently deliver unmatched personal service, exceptional quality and on-time, on-budget delivery.

For over 20 years, KACC has been putting our heart and soul into providing outstanding aviation services on a global basis to operators of large corporate and V VIP aircraft.

The sky’s the limit when you put your faith in us.


Our Experience

Our aviation services management team has an average of 27 years of experience in the industry, ranging from paint to avionics, maintenance, and interior refurbishments.

Our Commitment to Performance

Our “no excuses” culture demands the highest level of performance, quality, and accountability.

Our Promise of Service

We don’t take on more work than we can do exceptionally well, ensuring personal service and attention that has built lasting client relationships over time.

Our Results

We deliver projects on-time 95% of the time, far above the industry average, and our clients consistently rate us very highly for outstanding customer service.

Our Collaboration

We believe in creating real relationships with our customers.  We foster a “culture of inclusion” where our customers are warmly welcomed as members of the King Aerospace family.

KACC is an authorized FAA and EASA Repair Station.
  • FAA #K2CR345J
  • EASA #145.6359

Cornerstone Principles

Commitment to all of these principles is mandatory for all
KING AEROSPACE employees, vendors and subcontractors.

  • Mutual Respect
  • Honesty and Trust
  • Non-Political Environment
  • Team Oriented
  • Demonstrated Performance
  • Pro-Active / Problem Solving Attitudes
  • Quality In Everything (“No Excuses”)
  • Earn a Fair Profit

Chairman and Founder

Jerry Allan King-Echevarria

Mr. King possesses over 35 years of military, commercial and corporate aviation management experience. Prior to founding the King Aerospace companies in 1992, he was Co-Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Associated Air Center. Under his direction, Associated experienced record growth in the V VIP aircraft support industry. Mr. King has been intimately involved in the management of countless V VIP aircraft, corporate jets and helicopter completion, refurbishment and modification projects. Mr. King is the driving force behind KING AEROSPACE’s culture that focuses on positive customer relationships, values and principles of service greater than self. He has a BBA degree from Texas State University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. He is a licensed pilot and supports several nonprofit organizations.


Jarid Allan King

Jarid has been involved in a wide range of roles at KING AEROSPACE, including aircraft support at remote overseas location. He grew up in the aviation business and has been in all aspects of KING AEROSPACE, INC. During his apprenticeship at KING AEROSPACE, Jarid has earned the respect of his peers by being involved in the maintenance, interior refurbishment, and painting of jet aircraft. He has spent time at KING AEROSPACE international sites working in all departments of aircraft support services. Jarid has a degree in management from Oklahoma State University, where he played varsity Division One football as a defensive tackle. He is a licensed pilot and the company representative to the National Aircraft Retailers Association (NARA).

Vice President

Keith Weaver

Keith has been involved in a wide range of aviation services at KING AEROSPACE for 16 years, with the objective of meeting the needs and expectation of both military and corporate aircraft operators. He is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. His education, aviation management experience and values earn him the reputation of trust and honesty that truly reflect KACC’s values and principles in all dealings.